Twitter、つぶやき埋込みコード本日提供開始:‘Embed This Tweet’ Feature Coming Today

Twitter、つぶやき埋込みコード本日提供開始:‘Embed This Tweet’ Feature Coming Today than a minute ago via Google

When a big news happens, it used to be really time-consuming and cumbersome to collect all the first reactions from key persons and ordinary people alike.

Not any more.

Inspired by Marshall Kirkpatrick's "The Smartest Tweets About HP/Palm" (it was awesome piece), Twitter today starts providing us a new way to quote;  a snippet of code we can paste to our blog to embed any public tweets.  Great!

As soon as it comes out, I'd embed it here.




UPDATE: Blackbird Pie launched! Somehow the style doesn't work properly.  コード生成サイト「Blackbird Pie」が公開になった! 上の空欄につぶやきのパーマリンクを入れて「Bake It」をクリックすると、プレビューと埋込みコードが下に出てくるよ。スタイルが崩れるな…。

[Tweets are the new quotes – Twitter Media]

If you wanna embed more than two tweets, 'QuoteURL' would be a better option.
  1. KMFIS
    kmfis せっかく撮ったのでもう一度。 RT @kmfis 今日のニューヨーク #Twitpic
  2. Satomi Ichimura
    satomitw なにこの2番目のひと RT @kmfis 今日のニューヨーク #Twitpic
  3. Ryohei Noda
  4. Satomi Ichimura
    satomitw @ryonoda む、むおおお、そか…pro-life! しっかしなにもpro-choiceこんな格好させなくたって。。。
-- this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

QuoteURL Demo from fczuardi on Vimeo.

[Screenshots: Still the Best Way to Embed Tweets in Web Pages]