May 10, 2010

米国内Q1販売台数でAndroidがiPhone抜く:Android outsellling iPhone - NPD

(c) NPD

Android devices outsold iPhones to become the second-most popular phone type sold during the 1st quarter. According to The NPD Group, the Android OS moved into second position at 28% behind RIMs OS (36%) and ahead of Apple’s OS (21%).  Verizon's buy-one-get-one offer apparently worked!  iPhone users may be just beholding off 'till iPhone 4G release....

Among the overall mobile phone OEM manufacturers, Samsung (21.9%), Motorola (21.9%), LG(21.8%), RIM (8.3%), Nokia (8.3%) dominate the top five, followed by iPhone (5%).  iPhone's YOY growth rate, however, is the highest.

市場調査会社NPDグループによると、今年第1四半期の米国内スマートフォン販売台数(法人向け省く)でAndroid OS(28%)がOS X(21%)を抜き、RIM(36%)に次ぐ第2位のOSとなった。


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