May 8, 2010

iPad各国プライス比較表:International iPad Pricing -


If you think Apple US offers the cheapest iPad, you might be wrong.  According to, when it comes to iPad 3G, Japan's retail price is the cheapest in the world. 

But, wait. There's a catch.  If you take a closer look at Softbank's pricing chart (below),  Japan's equivalent to US unlimited 3G data plan ($29.95) is actually a prepaid plan that has 1GB monthly data cap.  You also need to sign the 24 months contract, while  AT&T subscribers purchase on a month to month basis with no term commitment. That's a big deal!

Japan's iPad is way cheaper than German, though. It's nice to know.

これはイタリアのマックブログSetteB.itが、世界各国のiPad販売価格を調べてユーロ換算した比較表。iPad Wi-Fiはご本家アメリカがやっぱり安いけど、iPad Wi-Fi+3Gはなんと日本が世界最安、とある。



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