May 24, 2010

史上最も株ですった男ジョブズ:The Dumbest Trade Ever = Steve Jobs' $10B Loss

AAPL 2003-2010 (c) Google Finance

When you have a titan of finance, John Paulson, a hedge fund manager who made the biggest gain ever by betting against subprime mortgage bonds, you have, of course, the dumbest trade ever. And that, according to Market Watch, is Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

"He currently has 10 million shares. At the latest prices, around $250 each, that's made him a thumping $2.5 billion."  But IF he didn't cancel all his options in return for a far smaller number of shares, worth about $75 million at the time, he would have made "$10.3 billion" more.   In short, even Jobs couldn't foresee the remarkable growth the company is enjoying now.

It may be dumb by his part, but I think it's a lot better than robbing somebody else's money and house.

史上最も株で荒稼ぎした男がヘッジファンド界の帝王ジョン・ポールソン(サブプライムローン関連証券でボロ儲け)なら、史上最も大損こいた男は、なななんとスティーブ・ジョブズであることがMarket Watchの調べで分かった。




ジョブズもまさかここまで伸びるとは思ってなかったってこと? 1兆円パーするなんてアホだけど、他の人の家や資産奪うよりはマシよね。

[Apple's Jobs blunders on options swap Brett Arends' ROI - MarketWatch]


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