May 26, 2010

アップル、マイクロソフトを抜く:Apple Overtakes Microsoft

(c) Silicon Alley Insider

In intraday trading in the afternoon session (on Wed), Apple shares rose 1.8 percent, which gave the company a value of $227.1 billion. Shares of Microsoft declined about 1 percent, giving the company a market capitalization of $226.3 billion. The only American company valued higher is Exxon Mobil, with a market capitalization of $282 billion.

This changing of the guard caps one of the most stunning turnarounds in business history, as Apple had been given up for dead only a decade earlier.

本日午後の日計り商いで、アップル株価が1.8%上がって企業価値$227.1B(2271億ドル)となり、マイクロソフトは約1%下がって$226.3B(2263億ドル)となった。両社の企業価値を上回る米企業はエクソンモービル($282B、2820億ドル)1社のみ。ほんの10年前には誰もが倒産確実と諦めていたアップルだけに、この攻守逆転はビジネス史上最も劇的なターンアラウンドのひとつと冠されるだろう。―New York Times

Yesterday Microsoft announced that Robbie Bach and James J Allard, founding fathers of its Entertainment & Devices Division, are both leaving.  And today, Apple has surpassed Microsoft as the largest technology company in the world by market capitalization. 



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