April 4, 2010

ウッズ久々に練習(姪も大学初優勝):Tiger Woods practiced for the Masters

While Tiger Woods arrived at the Augusta National Golf Club and practiced on the driving range for the Masters, his niece, won her first college tournament Sunday. 

今日はタイガー・ウッズがオーガスタのコースに突然現れ、来週のマスターズ復帰に向け練習を始めた。同じ日、異母兄の娘である姪シャイアン・ウッズさん(ウエイク・ フォレスト大2年、19歳)は大学トーナメント初優勝を飾った。

(c) Getty Images via Examinar

At the local morning news, they were reporting about Tiger's return and an iPhone app called 'TigerText' that allows its user to set a timer to any message they send. When the time is up, it automatically self-destruct from  the recipient's phone, sender's phone and any servers on earth.

To use the app, the other side needs to agree to install the app, though

The name has nothing to do with Tiger Woods (see FAQ below).


今回はタイガーが愛人に送った携帯テキストメッセージがウェブに全文掲載された(酷い内容なのでリンクもためらってしまう)けど、本当にまあ次から次へといくらでも出てくるので、みんな面白がるより我が身が怖くなったんじゃないだろうか? 売れ行きは至って好調らしい。


From TigerText FAQ;
Why is it called TigerText?
Tigers are notoriously difficult animals to track. TigerTexts are difficult to track as well. Fortuitously, we have also chosen to launch TigerText at the start the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar which goes in 12 year cycles. The Year of the Tiger is auspicious for new technologies (or so we’ve been told by our Chinese Shaman!).



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