April 15, 2010

ジョブズ、iPad米国外発売延期の苦情に「頭大丈夫?」とメール:Jobs to int’l customer “Are you nuts?"

Unhappy with Apple’s delays for the international iPad launch, Paul Shadwell in Switzerland e-mailed Steve Jobs who responded in Haiku style (as always);
"deliberately pulling the wool over the rest of the worlds eyes"
Are you nuts? We are doing the best we can. We need enough units to have a responsible and great launch.

He sent apologetic e-mail to two other Europeans, though.  AppAdvice says 5 full-time PR guys are taking care of his inbox...

iPad米国外発売が1ヶ月延期になった件で、スイス人Paul Shadwellさんが「発売は遅れるわ、値段もわからない」と苦情のメールを出したら、例の俳句みたいな短い返事がきた。

頭大丈夫? 我々はできるだけのことはやってる。責任ある素晴らしい発売にするためにも台数は充分必要だろ。


UPDATE:  I just have this feeling that maybe the nice one was sent from PR guy, and this one from real Jobs... いや逆か。だんだんナイスなのが広報でこっちが本物って気がしてきた。

[A letter to Steve Jobs]


Anonymous said...

Maybe "Shadwell"?

satomi said...

Corrected! Thanks. Have a great weekend:)

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