April 16, 2010

ゴジラ俳句:Godzilla Haiku

(c) SamuraiFrog

I added Japanese translation to some of my favorite works posted on 'Godzilla Haiku.'  I found the tumblr site about a month ago via Good Morning Silicon Valley.  That time I thought it'd run out of topics soon (Think about it. It's Gozilla x Haiku!), but the site's creator SamuraiFrog seems to have more to say.   The site started accepting user's submissions.  Smart move.   Keep up the good work!

Godzilla Haiku」のお気に入りに下手な訳つけてみた。Godzilla HaikuはSamuraiFrogさんがゴジラの写真に俳句つけて発表しているサイトだ。1ヶ月ぐらい前、Good Morning Silicon Valley経由で見つけた時には「1ヶ月もたんだろう」と思ったが、今朝見たら…あった(笑)。公募作品を土曜発表して変化つけてる。うまいね!

(c) SamuraiFrog

(c) Derek

GodzillaGodzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah - Giant Monsters All-Out AttackGodzilla - Final Wars


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俳句はmost improbableなところに宿るんだそうで。。。わかってないようでわかってるところが面白いですよねw

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