January 7, 2010

RTとQTの違いがやっと分かったわい:What does QT mean for Japanese Twitter?

If you look at tweets in Japanese, you may realize some choose QT over RT (Retweet).  I've been wondering what QT means, since there seems to be no difference bet'n the two.

No, it's not an abbreviation of quiet or cutie.  If that means "On the QT" (off the record,  in secret), it doesn't make sense it's on Twitter timeline.

Now, after long last, finally the mystery solved.  I checked the meaning, and it turned out to be "Quoted Tweets."

It seems that Tween developers coined the term when Twitter introduced the official Retweet button last September.  It got supporters who spread the word.  According to their definition, QT means 'RT with their own comments added.'

But don't we add comments any way? Sure we cannot insert comment after pressing official RT button, but most of Twitter tools let us do it.  There's even a Firefox script that enables Twitter's RT button that lets you add comments before retweeting.  But, with comments or not, retweeting is still retweeting.

It's OK if they use the term among their Twitter client's users, but if it goes beyond that and most users are expected to use them both accordingly, then they may find English retweets rude or awkward.

All of sudden, I'm confused, because I've been adding my two cents to almost all my retweets so far.  Did I offend someone for that?  I hope not. 

Less is better...


英語だと「QT」はquietとかcutieの略語だが、まさか「On the QT(オフレコ、ここだけの話)」のメッセージがタイムラインにこんな堂々と流れてくるわけないし、今さら人に聞くのも恥ずかしい。


で、背中に敗北感をヒシヒシかみしめつつ先ほど検索してみたら、答えは「Quoted Tweets(コメント付き引用、Quote Tweetとも)」。


普及の経緯が分かってスッキリしたのはいいけど、RTもみんなコメント好き勝手つけ放題流してるのに、なんでQTに言い換える必要があるのかな~? と思ってしまった。



い、いや、そんな人の心配より自分の心配だよね。ずっとRTに余計なひとこと大量に付けて流してるので、それで怒ってる人がいたらどうしよう! わー調べなきゃ良かった!!


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