November 6, 2009

女性はキスで免疫がつく?:Why Humans Kiss?

"To spread germs," says Dr. Colin Hendrie from the University of Leeds.

According to his romantic finding published in the journal Medical Hypotheses, the bug called Cytomegalovirus found in saliva can be extremely dangerous in pregnancy, sometimes killing unborn babies or causing birth defects.  But man can pass the bug to woman through kissing (because female is typically shorter, Mother Earth's gravity leads the way) to help her build an immunity to it before she gets pregnant.

"Kissing the same person for about six months provides the best protection," added Dr. Hendrie.



このロマンチックだかなんだかわからない研究報告を「Medical Hypotheses」に発表したヘンドリー博士は、「同一人物と半年続けるのが最善の予防策だ」と話している。本当か?

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