October 16, 2009

NHK ツイッター特集の慶応大と国連:NHK featuring Twitter usage at Keio University

Watch before they delete them. 削除される前にドゾ。



As Twitter launched Japanese mobile site Thursday (the first foreign platform), Biz Stone visited Japan and NHK featured the Twitter, introducing how early adoptors (Keio University students, professors, UN staffs) are using it.

It's edited so that non-users could understand what it is. The way they spotlight the Keio student posting a minuscule thingy ("I've got a pack of oranges from my mom") to get dozens of replies in minutes may be intimidating. Also, they call it "Tsubuyaki (Tweets) services" at one point, which sounds a bit awkward.


なんか一般の人に認知を図るっていうより、中毒者みたいな描き方な気もするが…使ってない人には、そう見えるかもねえ… 。「つぶやきサービス」って言うのだけやめてほしい。

UPDATE: Hey, another one! This one is featuring the Tokyo Meetup. No negativity. Much better.

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