September 2, 2009

日経コンピュータ9月2日号にマイケル・アーリントン氏インタビュー登場!:Michael Arrington Talks Google 10 Years from Now - Nikkei Computer

On the current issue of Nikkei Computer, Michael Arrington, is sharing his view on Google, MS, and search ten years from now.

I visited their office in Palo Alto a month ago, asked questions over the crystal ball and wrote what he saw 'as-is.' 

Sep 2nd Edition: Table of Contents (auto-translated) 

Great thanks for uber-busy but always nice editor-in-chief, Nobuyuki Tanijima, for reviewing the entire piece and making it sound like Nikkei article.  Now, Mike sounds even more articulate and smarter!!

Oh, BTW,  I posted some pics from the interview here.  Take a look!





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