June 17, 2009

インサイト指名買いの人とプリウスを買う人との違い:Prius Haters Buy Insight

June 15, 2009, San Jose Mercury News

Honda Insight Hybrid is selling quite well in Japan. Who is buying it? How its buyers differ from those who buy Prius? To find the answer, Ferdinand Yamaguchi, Nikkei Business Online, visited one of Honda dealers in Japan and asked if all Insight shoppers compare the Honda hybrid with Prius.

The saleswoman replied, "Sure, a lot of them want to know how it's different from Prius. But about 20% of our customers go straight to Insight and don't even mention about "P" of Prius during the price negotiation."

Stunned with unexpected answer, Yamaguchi asked, "What type of people are they?" Then, she said, "Those who hate Toyota-san."

Well, Mercury got it halfway right. Toyota haters (or Prius haters) are actually buying Honda Insights!

日経ビジネスオンライン「インサイト販売店に潜入! プリウスを買う人との違いはここだった!」 by フェルディナント・ヤマグチで面白かったのが以下のくだり。;



F:へぇ? それは意外だなぁ……。そんな人が居るんだ。どんなタイプの人だろう。




Have you already seen this Insight Ad on Vimeo?  Check it out!


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