June 19, 2009

マカロニで引用符のお勉強+パスタの手作りモビール:Macaroni Quotations & Baby Mobile with Pasta

From my third-grade daughter's folder, I found this. Commas are in pink macaroni, and quotation marks are in green macaroni. Genious lesson plan, isn't it?

When it comes to colored pasta, I have a fond memory; the first toy I ever made for my son was a baby crib mobile made with tri-colored pasta!  I was in Italy that time, and it was a home-made toy idea I found in my Italian "First Baby" book.

It's simple to make.

1. You take out whatever pasta  (preferably in different shapes) from your kitchen drawer.
2. Color them (3 prime colors + your favs).
3. Using the string, tie them together in patterns, and hang on the bed with stick or hanger. Your baby will love this.
4. If your baby gets excited and can reach it, make it shorter.




1. 台所にあるいろんな形のパスタに絵の具で色をつける(3原色とか)。
2. パターンを考えて糸に数センチ間隔で結ぶ(5~7本。長さはガタガタに)。
3. ハンガーとか棒に括りつけてベッドの上につるしてやると、手をぱたぱたして喜ぶ。
4. 喜ぶあまり手が届くようなら短くすること。



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