June 10, 2009

Google、GDD 2009参加者全員に無料でAndroid携帯配る:An Android Phone for Everyone at GDD2009 Japan

Google surprised its developers by giving away an Android Phone, HTC Magic, (with SIM card) for everybody at the I/O Conference in San Francisco last month.   Google did it again!  This time, in Yokohama, at the Google Developer Day 2009 Japan that opened yesterday.

Unlike the I/O whose ticket costs $400 / $300 (early bird), Japan's event was free and open to anybody who could pass its qualifications (ex. having written over 1,000 lines of codes over the last 10 years). There were about 1,500 attendees, and they all got the NTT-DoCoMo's brand-new Android phone like this (SIM card not included).

"I thought Google must be crazy," said one attendee, summing up the feeling. Others said, "I should have been there!"

先月末I/Oカンファレンスで参加者全員にAndroid携帯HTC MagicをSIMカード込みで無料配布したグーグルが、今度は横浜パシフィコで9日開幕のGoogle Developer Day 2009(GDD 2009)」で来場者約1500人全員にNTTドコモのアンドロイド携帯(写真)を無料で配り(SIMカード抜き)、行けなかった人たちが「呼ばれたかった!」と悔しがってる。



Photo (c) GoogleDeveloperDay2009Japan - Slideshow


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