June 6, 2009

インテリのグーグルvs.非インテリのグーグル:Google - More Intelligent vs. Less Intelligent



- translated partly in Japanese.

Less Intelligent More Intelligent
how 2
how might one
how 2 kiss(キスのやり方) how might one attempt to measure the effectiveness of a promotion(昇進効果測定はどのように行う)
how 2 get pregnant(妊娠する方法) how might one protein differ from another(ある蛋白質は他の蛋白質とどのように違う)
how 2 get a six pack(割れた腹の作り方) how might one account for the rise of andrew jackson to the victory in the election of 1828(1828年アンドリュー・ジャクソン大統領選勝利の要因)
how 2 make money(金の儲け方)
how 2 tie a tie(ネクタイの結び方)
how 2 play poker(ポーカーの遊び方)
how 2 make a bomb(爆弾の作り方)
how 2 hide friends on myspace(MySpaceで友だちを隠す方法)
how 2 lose weight(やせる方法)
how 2 lose weight fast(速攻でやせる方法)
when was

in which year was

when was jesus born(イエスが生まれたのはいつ) in which year was the first successful transatlantic telegraph cable completed(大西洋横断電信ケーブル完成年)
when was obama born(オバマが生まれたのはいつ) in which year was construction of empire state building completed(エンパイアステートビル工事完成年)
when was the civil war(市民戦争はいつ) in which year was australia day first celebrated(オーストラリア建国記念日を最初に祝った年)
when was the internet invented(インターネットはいつ発明された) in which year was jesus crucified(イエスが十字架に掛けられた年)
when was martin luther king born(キング牧師が生まれたのはいつ) in which year was windows 95 released(windows 95発売年)
when was the great depression(大恐慌はいつ) in which year was midi introduced(midi発売年)
when was the telephone invented(電話はいつ発明されたのか) in which year was the great depression most severe(大恐慌がどん底だった年)
when was the constitution written(憲法起草はいつ) in which year was edward born - as a human([シザーハンズの]エドワードが人間に生まれ変わった年)
when was the white house built(ホワイトハウスはいつ建てられた) in which year was gambling temporarily made illegal in las vegas(ラスベガスで賭博が一時違法化された年)
when was the slavery abolished(奴隷制廃止はいつ) in which year was the original not the 1999 remake the mummy film released(1999年のリメイクではなくオリジナルの映画Mummyの公開年)

for what reasons

why so serious(なぜそんな真面目なの) for what reasons are biological classification systems needed(生物分類体系が必要な理由)
why is the sky blue(なぜ空は青い) for what reasons might a thread stop execution(スレッドが実行中止になる理由)
why did i get married(なぜ自分は結婚した) for what reasons were the national judiciary created(国司法制度が創設された理由)
why lyrics(なぜ歌詞) for what reasons would a network be subdivided(ネットワークが再分割される理由)
why did the chicken cross the road(なぜ鶏は道を渡ったのか for what reasons are joint sessions of both houses called(両院合同本会議召集理由)
why do cats purr(なぜ猫は喉を鳴らす)
why do men have nipples(なぜ男に乳首がある)
why men cheat(なぜ男は浮気する)
why we fight(なぜ我々は喧嘩する)
why why love(なぜ なぜ愛する)

賢い方に「windows 95発売年」なんてのも混じってるけど。

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