April 26, 2009

スタンフォード大正門前のシュラスコ食べ放題のお店:Pampas - Churrasco & Wine Lover's Paradise

I came here for my birthday earlier this month, and the experience was fabulous. If you're a traveler and getting tired of choosing from menu, try their fixed menu.

It's right in front of Stanford Caltran station.  Finding a parking lot may be a bit problem, but not as bad as City. When we arrived on Friday evening, there was some live music going on.

With $44, you can enjoy Rodizio-style unlimited Brazilian churrasco grilled meats (fillet mignon, lamb, chicken, sausage, turkey wrapped with bacon) AND the sidebar. Not that hungry?  Order only the sidebar for $27.  In fact, it's quite reasonable if you're familiar with retail prices of their ingredients (prociutto, rucola, cheese, etc.).  Half price on drinks and all appetizers during Happy Hour.

Our radar caught this location when a guy came to Kendo practice after enjoying 60+ varieties of wines at Pampas.  The waiter told us the World of Tasting event is hosted every Tuesday from 5pm to 9pm.  "It's fun! Come and try next time!'  Sure.

My kids loved this place! Rodizio is fun too. They quickly learned how to use two-sided disc on the table;  green means 'bring up more meats' and red means 'don't bother us while we're munching' and just kept eating.  I never imagined they'd be such carnivores!





ワインにしたたか酔って剣道の練習に来た人が教えてくれたお店なんだけど、ウェイターさんに聞いてみたらワインテイスティングのイベント「World of Tasting」は毎週火曜5-9pm開催(要予約)で、毎回世界各地のワイン60種以上を用意して大盛況らしい。「楽しいですよ!」と言うんで次回ぜひ。


Pampas [Review]


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