March 9, 2009

1兆の大きさ: How Much Is a Trillion? - CNN

  1. It has 12 zeroes.
  2. One trillion one-dollar bills stacked high would reach nearly 68,000 miles into space, one third way to the moon.
  3. "if you start spending a million dollars every single day since Jesus was born, you still wouldn’t have spend a trillion dollars." - Sen. Mitch McConnell
  4. "1 million seconds is about 11.5 days, 1 billion seconds is about 32 years while a trillion seconds is equal to 32,000 years." - John Allen Paulos, mathmatician

The current U.S. national debt is about to exceed $11 trillion. So, you can go round trip to the moon nearly two times by stacking up one-dollar bills.



  1. 「1」にゼロ12個つけた数(10の12乗)
  2.  1ドル札を1兆枚積み上げると地上68,000マイル(109,435km)で、地球から月までの距離の3分の1まで届く
  3. イエス・キリスト誕生から毎日100万ドルずつ遣っても、まだ遣い切れてない(ミッチ・マコーネル上院議員
  4. 1ミリオン(100万)秒は11.5日。1ビリオン(10億)秒は約32年。1トリリオン(1兆)秒は約3万2000年(数学者ジョン・アレン・パウロス

天才数学者、株にハマる 数字オンチのための投資の考え方

[CNN via Digital Inspiration]


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