February 8, 2009

Obama HOPEポスターのアーティスト落書きで逮捕さる:Shepard Fairey Arrested Again, Also Accused of Plagiarism by AP

On the eve of Shepard Fairey's first major exhibition at ICA, AP accused L.A.-based street artist, Shepard Fairey, 38, for infringement of its photograph, and on Saturday he was arrested on two warrants after he tagged property in Boston with graffitti.  This was his 15th arrest in the last two decades.

Shepard has been open to admit Obama HOPE poster was based on the image he found on Google Image Search but failed to attribute it to its photographer, Mannie Garcia. Too bad it wasn't Reuter's Jim Young, but Mannie Garcia himself didn't reveal any anger.  Is this just a publicity stunt by AP?    If he could take videotapes like Andy Warhol did, he could have avoided such troubles.

 (c) Left: Mannie Garcia, AP / Right: Shepard Fairey, Obey Giant



Obama HOPEポスターでは、「Googleイメージ検索で見つけた写真をベースにした」ことは最初からTIMEインタビューなどで公言していたんだけど、撮影者まで遡れなくてクレジット明記の一手間を怠っていた。



UPDATE:  Fairey sued AP on Monday.  「写真使用はフェアユース」とアーティスト側がAPを月曜訴えた

Shepard Fairey, of Obama poster fame, arrested in Boston - BostonHerald.com
Obey Plagiarist Shepard Fairey ← 無断借用は過去にも結構ある。「パロディーは無断使用OK」という寛大な人もあるが、何にインスパイアされた作品かぐらいは解説で特記しないと。


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