February 21, 2009

IBMサポートのシャツ: IBM Support Tee


Hanzi Smatter, Tian, got this from his reader who's been wearing this for years and a bit concerned if it says anything stupid.

No, it doesn't.  As his associate, Alan, points out, it seems have been randomly copied from IBM Service Center's Disclaimer of Warranty and Liability, and possibly Used Computer Purchase Policy.   So when we look at it, we understand right away that you cannot treat outlet items as regular products... we have to agree with your policy or else... it's up to the inventory status ... price is subject to change.. and if there's an initial failure[初期不良: this comes right in the middle], you only provide us repair services. 

So, there's nothing to worry about. Next time you see your friends, just say 'Hi' and smile.

西欧のCMやタトゥーに出回る変な漢字を集めてるティアン氏のブログ「Hanzi Smatter 一知半解」で見つけた変シャツ。映画『マトリックス』のカタカナが、IBM顧客サポートになってる。

質問者ニックさんはこのシャツを2003年頃、イギリスのチェーン店「Officer's Club」(昨年経営破たん)で買い、以来ずっと愛用してるんだけど、念のため「馬鹿なこと書いてないよね」と問い合わせてきた。日本語に詳しいアランさんが、0120-20-5550が実在の番号ということまで丁寧に回答してるよ。



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