February 12, 2009

ストリートビューのプロポーズ男、5月にゴールイン?:'Proposal 2.0' with a Happy Ending..

He's been holding the banner for 6 months by now. 'Still no answer?' I wondered. Then, I dugg a bit and realized that she already said YES for his proposal 1.0.  'Then, why their online poll still has 98 more days to go?'  Well, they seem to have tentatively set their wedding date for May 24:)  Congrats!  Their photos here.  His video here.

「結婚してくれ、レスリー!」と、半年以上バナー持ってるグーグル社員Michael Weiss-Malikさん。G本社前で、撮影車通過予告で社員がどっと繰り出した昨夏のスナップだ。



[Marry me, Leslie!, LA Times]


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