January 3, 2009

「ジョブズは元気」行きつけのヨーグルト屋が証言:"Steve Jobs In Great Health" - Local yogurt store

(c) Fraiche (MAP)

On Dec. 30, 4.5 hours after Gizmodo's JD ran that rumor that reversed Apple's stock gain on the day, Robert Scoble chimed in to post this FriendFeed message;
“I'm in Palo Alto. Just had yogurt at shop that Steve Jobs eats at frequently. They said he was in a couple of days ago and is in great health.”

It's the same shop where another blogger spotted SJ last October.  All we want is his surprise appearance at macworld keynote.  But maybe it's about time to stop hyping about it.



UPDATE:  SJ admitted the health problem. 「健康問題が欠席理由」と認める書簡を出した


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