January 4, 2009

今年の目標:New Year's Resolution 2009

River along I-50, from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe

This year I resolve to:
  1. Do more writing than translating.
  2. Attend at least 5 concerts in '09.
  3. Improve my photography.
  4. Cook something new every month.
The Torah (Deuteronomy 23:22) says that 'If you make a vow and fail to keep it—that’s a sin. If you don’t make any vows to begin with, you will have no sin.”  So, I listed something I could fulfill with a bit of effort. How about yours?

  1. 翻訳よりライティングを増やす。
  2. 年5回はコンサートに行く。
  3. 写真の腕を磨く。
  4. 毎月なにか新しいものを料理する。



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