January 8, 2009

うさぎのクラウド:Cloud, the Rabbit

This rabbit ended up in my home yesterday. My friend has another rabbit that looks identical, so folks who found it assumed it belongs to her.

The problem is ... it's a male. So is her rabbit. Two male rabbits in one cage don't get along. From the day one, the power struggle began. The newcomer was attacking another one all day long, and at night, another one stomped his feet to scare away its adversary.  The dark noise kept her husband stay awake all night.

Finally, this one who'd been more aggressive jumped into a pool, knowing it cannot swim, and was rescued by her son.

"It committed suicide!" - Having realized how fierce their rivalty was, my friend dropped it off at my home, providing me a huge cage, food, and everything we need to keep it alive.

My kids named it 'Cloud' for it has white clouds around his neck;)






教えて!goo ←うむ。うさぎの世界も奥が深いわ…


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