August 4, 2008

目玉おやじな家:Free Spirit Spheres

"Free Spirit Sphere" (c) Elite Choice

If you call it EWOK HOUSE, we may call it "medama oyaji house." Medama oyaji or Eyeball Father is a cartoon character in GeGeGe no Kitaro (its real-life movie is now in theaters in Japan). The Free Spirit Sphere's inventor, Tom Chudleigh, is based near Qualicum Beach, British Columbia in Canada.


"Free Spirit Sphere" - YouTube

From the company's FAQ;
The way I see it I am a spirit with a body. The world is a dream and my real existence is in spirit. The Creator is everywhere and in everything, including me. Therefore I am one with the Creator and everything else in all of existence. This and many other similar thoughts lead me to a more awakened state. It, like many others, is a practice of meditation and leads to a state of blissful awareness of an existence outside of the physical body. The trouble I have is that I do not exist in a meditative state often enough or long enough to completely escape my attachment to the physical world. Like most of us I am easily dragged back into the life of a body here on the planet earth. I still have work to do here.

This way of thinking led me to pose a question to Spirit, "What can I do to prolong these "Whole" minded moments?" The idea for the spheres came from that.

FAQより) 思うに、この僕というものは体を持つ霊。この世は夢であり、僕の真の存在は霊に宿る。神(創造主)はどこにでも、なんにでも宿っている。この僕も含めて。だから僕は神と一体であり、生きとし生けるものすべてと一体である。


こうした考え方から、霊(Spirit)に対しある問いが生まれた。こうした“渾然一体”の境地の瞬間をより長く持続するには、僕に何ができるだろう? 球(sphere)の発想はそこから生まれた。

Well, It sounds like 'yaorozu-no kami' or eight million deities believed to inhabit all around us (it was first described in Japan's ancient book, Kojiki. Details here). Also, the idea of meditation on tree in search for whole mindedness reminds us Myoe-shonin illustrated left.

森羅万象その全てに神が宿る…という気づきは、古事記にある八百万の神(やおろずのかみ)を思わせる。樹上で瞑想というところは明恵上人か? 左は高山寺の『明恵上人 樹上座禅像』。

Photo Gallery: Building Free Spirit Spheres


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