August 9, 2008

北京五輪開会式のレノボ相撲CM: Lenovo "Sumo" Ad - Beijing Olympics


Teamwork at its best! During the NBC's opening ceremony coregare, I saw the Lenovo ThinkPad ad (below), in which even Sumo wrestlers were acting just like Chinese performers...


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Anonymous said...

Hi Satomi,

Nice advert. I like it. Where did you seen the advert initially?


satomi said...

Hi there;

I first saw it on TV during the Olympics opening ceremony, and then found out later that it'd been around a week or so.

Did you see the massive-scale precisely synchronised Chinese dancers forming a big bird in the Bird's Nest? This ad was totally in line with it (with a funny twist). That was fabulous.

xpotechi said...

これもCG? でも、視力2.0の人材募集したわワッと集まる国だしなあ...

satomi said...


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