April 29, 2008

週末点描:Weekend Notes - April 08

Three options

On Friday, my neighbor told me that his company, recently acquired by bigger rival, will soon announce its downsizing plan. They need to choose from three options; 1)being laid-off immediately, 2)staying for a transitional period (after that? God knows...), 3) "You can stay. If you decide to leave now, we'll pay you for 3-6 months."  Of course, the third one is the most popular among his colleagues.

It reminds me of yet another neighbor who got 12-months salary after merger. He totally enjoyed it for one full year, walking around in pajama day and night, getting me a bit worried, ...but when the time came, he just geared up to get a new job, bought a huge house and left.




On Saturday, I attend a lovely wedding ceremony. The photo above is where ceremony took place. While the American groom awaits, the bride walked down with her father dressed in traditional Japanese montsuki-hakama attire. It was amazing. I was trying to imagine how it was like when the first Japanese diplomats came to the US in montsuki-hakama over 150 years ago.



In the party, we shared the table with a Kendo master.  He said he was born in the internment camp during WW2. His dad was brave enough to go out and shout "Tenno-heika Banzai (Long life for the emperor)" while US armed guards were watching.   He practiced it. Every morning. What a guy... If Chinese or Korean people did the same, Japanese guards would have been just watching?



My son rented a Japanese film "Shinobi"(2005) from Netflix. Wow, those Ninjas fly like Chinese warriors!  Ninja is evolving...When grandmother announced the fifth warrior to join the contest, she said "Oboro-ja (that's Oboro)", the subtitle was going like "Oboro-chan."  Hahaha.. Most Japanese Americans call their children's name with "chan."  In a tense situation like that, it was so funny.


New Business Card!

On the back, I printed what I really am; a writer who happens to be in  Silicon Valley.



xpotechi said...

Business cardいいっすね!僕もhanoi version作ってみたいが、もうちょっと先になるかなー

satomi said...

へ?ハノイ赴任? いいなー、アジア行きたいですっ。

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