April 19, 2008

私が医療費出し渋ってる隙にG創業者は…:Google Co-founders Got Rich by $2.7B

Google surged $89.87, or 20%, to $539.41, after reporting a 30 % increase in Q1 earnings. That means, while I was fighting against the X-Ray lab for overcharging (they invoiced me for 5 pieces of X-rays on my ribs nearly $1600 just for determining "no problem found". My insurance left me $300 + my family doctor's fee of $150. But after searching a bit, I realized mine is not a big deal...), Google co-founders got rich by $2.7B each. Back in November when its value hit the peak, Brin and Page each held $21B+ worth. So it's not the sum but the growth in one day...




Closing stock price Friday(金曜終値) $539.41
Change from Thursday's closing price(木曜終値からの変動) 19.99%
Google's market value(グーグルの時価総額) $169,039,000,000
Sergey Brin's shares grew in Fri. value(セルゲイ所有株の増加分) $2,745,477,723.45
Larry Page's shares grew in Fri. value(ラリー所有株の増加分)  $2,749,103,977.95

The percentage return some options traders made for correctly betting that Google would beat analysts' estimates for its earnings(グーグル決算がアナリスト予想を上回る方に賭けを修正し株投資家が得たリターン比率) 17,530%

[Source: How does Google measure up?]

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