March 17, 2007

天才たけしの100人隊が世界的に流行っている:Takeshi's Troop of One Hundred

Japan's comedy classic "Troop of One Hundred" (YouTube) popped up on GMSV. It's a flashmob taken from Takeshi Kitano's "Genki TV" aired on NTV, 1985-96. In US, Takeshi is best known for filmmaking and Takeshi's Castle.

The vid features; 1)a senior Zen guy, 2)Tsunami's coming!, 3)Here he is!, 4)Victory toss for no reason, and 5)Watch out!

Among hundreds of "mobflash" videos available online, Takeshi's Troop of One Hundred definitely stands out.

In response to the ever-growing request, they released its official DVD (above). So next time you come across this vid, please mention about Takeshi.

こないだGMSVでたけしの100人隊の動画YouTube)が出ていた。「天才・たけしの元気が出るテレビ !!」、10年遅れてシリコンバレー上陸(笑)。これが今、やけに海外でウケているのだ(Google検索もホレ)。



[IMDb- Takeshi Kitano, Office Kitano]


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