February 17, 2007

ドイツ人学生のグーグル観:Master Plan

"Master Plan" - Directed by Ozan Halici & Jurgen Mayer / Bachelor's thesis at the Univ. of Applied Science Ulm, Germany /Inspired by "What Barry Says" by Simon Robson, "The Google Story" by David Vise.

It's not fair to replace Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld with $ergey, £arry, and ric....! :)

Currently the global market share stands ... Google 44.1%, Yahoo! 28.7%, MSN 12.5%. In Germany, Google dominates nearly 90% (wow!). PageRank beta was developed in 1997. Google's sales increased 70-fold, generating 99% of its revenue from ad (AdSense and AdWords).  To make every information accessible to anybody on earth, Google is now offering 80 free products in 100 different languages. By using them, users provide their personal information to Google. GMail's 3G storage is, for instance, offered f0r free, thanks to contents-related ads. Google home sets cookies that's valid 'till 2038. [...] -Does Google really worry about our privacy?


安藤日記さんが紹介してたショート「Master Plan」は、

EPIC 2014風。2人は「英国の俳優サイモン・ロブソンが製作を手掛けた"What Barry Says"にインスパイアされた」って白状してるけど、ブッシュ、チェイニー、ラムズフェルドの3羽烏を$ergey、£arry、€ricってのは…ちょっとちょっと…!(笑)

参考文献はデビッド ヴァイス著「Google誕生」(原書は昨年8月刊)らしいから数字は古いかもしれないけど内容はザッとこんな感じ。

世界検索市場シェアは…Google 44.1%、Yahoo! 28.7%、MSN 12.5%。



[via Ando Nikki]


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