January 3, 2007

2006年ウィキペディア引用数トップは「Web 2.0」:Top Cited Wikipedia Entry in 2006 = "Web 2.0"

According to Nielsen BuzzMetrics, "Web 2.0" was the No. 1 most-cited Wikipedia entry of the year 2006, beating out BLOG, MEME, PODCAST all together. Yeah, ...WEB 2.0 is a tricky word; the more you read its definition, the more you get confused. Citing Wikipedia seems like the only solution to track its ever-evolving meaning...

BTW, the year 2006 seemed like a wonderful year for Wikipedia. The term "Wikipedia" was cited in blogs nearly 29,000 times in Nov. 2006 alone, up 54% from 2005. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, its unique visitors grew 112%, from 17.8M in Nov. 2005 to 37.8M in Nov. 2006. I checked the Alexa below.

When I started my blog in Nov. 2005 and began linking to Wikipedia, its PVs began doubling. What did I do... :D

Wikipedia daily page views (source: Alexa.com)

ウィキペディアで昨年最も引用数の多かった用語は「Web 2.0」らしい。Nielsen BuzzMetricsが先月明らかにした。そうね…コロコロ変わるし何度読んでも分かんないもんね。トップ10は以下の通り。
Web 2.0Steve Irwin(ワニとともに去った元祖ワニ男)、Mark Foley scandal(米議会の制服ボーイとマーク・フォーレイ議員の猥褻メール事件がBushを抜いて堂々3位)、BlogAJAXWorld War II(イーストウッドの映画の影響?)、Snakes on a Plane(邦題「スネークフライト」)、MemeWikiRSS

[source: Nielsen BuzzMetrics, via AdAge]

Bookshelf of Jimmy Whales, Wikipedia founder


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