December 31, 2006

紅白歌合戦2006~米国では検閲:NHK Kohaku 2006 Nude-like Dancers Censored in US

NHK Kohaku 2006 - Dancers in nudelike body stockings censored in US

In the US, we watch "Kōhaku Uta Gassen" pre-recorded. Here, in the middle of the song, a mysterious white banner appeared covering the dancers in nudelike body stockings. Shortly after this part, the rest of the song was completely cut off. Facing an overwhelming number of claims, NHK released a message of apology on its official web page, explaining the dancers were wearing something different in rehearsal. Hahaha. - A Happy New Year!

さっき録画で流れた北カリフォルニア放映分。歌の途中にこれまで見たこともない白の巨大なバナーが突然現れ、「れれ?故障かな?」と思ってたら「今夜 踊り狂おう 裸で」を最後にブチッと切れ、北島三郎のうれしそうな顔に切り替わった。公式ウェブに謝罪が出てるね、ははは。 ではみなさん、良いお正月を:)

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Coal said...

Saw it at the time. They were clearly body suits, but it may have been less obvious on a non-HD set. They "explained" on air about an hour later, though I don't recall it being specifically apologetic in tone.

satomi said...

Lucky you! All I could see was the guy flying over the stage like Peter Pan and Saburo Kitajima's flushed face that appeared right after this. He sure looked happy.

Coal said...

Well you can see it in all its original (albeit highly compressed) glory here:

satomi said...

Before the takedown, it earned the second and the sixth places at YouTube's Most Viewed ranking. Combined it definitely was the Most Viewed vid on Jan. 1, to NHK's honor.

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