October 23, 2006

金太郎日本を歩く:Kintaro Walks Japan

Kintaro Walks Japan (URL) - 67 min

Tyler MacNiven's 2,000 mile trek ... all from the bottom of Japan to the very top. His five-month odyssey was meant to impress a girl and to find his American father's Japanese birthplace. 
Searching for Buck's in Woodside, Cavacavien came across this page and left its URL here. Kintaro Walks Japan?! The only Kintaro I know is a hunter. I read the whole story and got interested in his girlfriend's father, George Meegan, so I checked Wikipedia. -No entry. But instead it showed "Kintaro Walks Japan"! From there I got this vid.

It reminds me of a biker I met when I was in high school. He was biking all the northern part of Japan. I and my mom found him sleeping on the floor in our local station. We left there, but it was chilly outside, and we knew the heater would be turned off shortly. So we drove back to pick him up and let him stay our home.

My home was 15 min. away and I could see him getting uneasy as we drove through dark mountains. But my mom was so sure that he needed a bath. There was no question about it. Having taken the hot tub, he was more relaxed, enjoying Sake served by my dad. As he made his way back, his parents sent us a huge package of peanuts from Chiba. The gift arrived every year for like 5 yrs, and it's been my dad's favorite tale untill he died last year.

Actually all my big brothers did the same as they finished their school. The eldest ended up spending all his money to get rescued by my uncle. The second brother motorcycled all around the northern part, which was way too easy. The third was headed to Hokkaido, same as Kintaro's destination. So, even if the film were an edited recreation, what it shows is quite true.

I liked the way Tyler's grandmother painted her frontdoor, Tyler's visit to George Meegan, the author of Longest Walk (Larry King looks so young!), the depiction of Wind, and the encounter with Temple Servant (the guy looks just like Shigeru Matsuzaki! I wonder if he pulled the cart from SF to NYC.)

If you suddenly miss the wind swirling around in a bamboo forest, the best place to visit in Bay Area is Hakone Garden, Saratoga (left). It's one of the filming locations for Memoirs of a Geisha.
('Bamboo' uploaded by minmax)




Buck'sのご主人がミーガン氏の大著「Longest Walk」(邦訳)を読んで感銘を受けて友達になった矢先に、2人は旅先で知り合った。そして彼女に認めてもらいたい一心からタイラー君は、日本生まれの父親の故郷を探す日本徒歩縦断の旅を決意する。それを記録したのがこのショートムービーだ(ミーガン氏の名前をWikipediaで検索すると「関連性9.3%」でこの動画がヒットするのが笑える)。



終盤に差し掛かったところで重要なヒントをくれるTemple Servantは松崎しげるソックリ! 「サンフランからNYまで歩いた」って言うんだけども、まさかこの人力車で?アリゾナ横断? (アメリカ徒歩縦断の松崎しげるにお心当たりの方、情報お寄せください。笑)

「運転は景色を素通り(throught the scenery)だけど、歩くと自分も景色の一部になれる(part of the scenery)」


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