October 11, 2006

首相2.0?:Prime Minister 2.0

My friend found a comment posted by 'Shinzo Abe' from Japan's Prime Minister's web (above). "Is this really that Mr. Abe?!" she asked. Well, it only says, "Nice Graphics." Too brief to judge. I clicked on his link to find a very weird sign on the web's right shoulder; 'Web 2.0 Logos.' ...Hey! That looks exactly like the Web 2.0 Logo Creater I'm using for this blog!

Mr. Abe is a renown "Prime Minister 2.0"(Not like Tony Blair), but this particular one, we concluded it's just a parody:) Just in case you're wondering what the number 52 on his logo means, ...that's his age.

こんなところにShinzo Abeなる人物からコメントが。「ほんとにあのAbeさん?」と目ざとく見つけた友人。本文は「Nice Graphics」…これだけじゃ分かんないよ。笑

で、リンク先辿って出てきたのが上記ウェブ。へ? Web 2.0 Logos?
おおっ!!! 我が馬鹿ブログのWeb 2.0ロゴクリエイター(と瓜二つ)ではないか! 

ずいぶん手の込んだパロディだなぁ…。Apple Dei並み?


Guiness World Record for most T-Shirts worn at one time" by Matt McAllister これが今ウワサのマット・マッカリスター、Tシャツ155枚重ね着男だ! このBGM、なんだったっけ? (詳細@メディア・パブ)

When I press uploading button on Blogger.com, I see the sign below. When I entered my Writely, I saw the same logo instead of Writely beta logo... Wow. Following the suggestion, I tried to post my trial doc. to this blog, but it still doesn't support Blogger beta...Too bad.


Write. Share. Post.
New! Post to Blogger from Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

昨日発表のアレか。WritelyもロゴがGoogle Docs & Spreadsheetsに切り替わった。速い。早速お試しで作った文書をブロガーに投稿しようとしたらbetaはダメ。旧BloggerやWordPressなんかの他ホストは大丈夫みたいだ。Linkをマウスオーバーすると文字が出るFlyover、コレすごく使いたいんだけど。

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「日本人なら、マックでなくて和製PCを使うべき」という突っ込みも、どこぞのSNSで見かけたような気がします。 =)

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