September 4, 2006

iPodの自動販売機:iPod vending machines

iPod vending machine
iPod vending machine at SF Macy's

During the trip, I spotted the much -talked-about iPod vending machine at Hartzfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, SFOand SF Macy's (above). It's everywhere! Turned out that the two airports were the first to install the ZOOM systems, and Macy's is one of the few retail locations providing them.

Never seen them in the work? Here's a vid from Hilton in Las Vegas, and another one below is from Atlanta Airport. It works just like an online shopping.

When it came out, Engadget questioned "isn't this more of a Japanese thing?" Good guess. Zoom Systems’ technology platform was integrated "with the leading robotic product delivery mechanism from a $24 billion Japanese partner under an exclusive agreement."(Zoom Systems history) Related articles are here.

Sony launched a test of 10 Sony-branded vending kioks in June. (news and photo, via xpotechi)


Video iPodまである。自販機でiPod…買うかな?と思ったら…いましたね(上の動画)。ベガスのヒルトンの自販機はこちら


Engadgetは「これって日本みたい」と書いているけども、この読みはドンピシャで、Zoom Systems社は日本のロボティクス自販大手(企業名不詳)と提携してこのサービスを実現している(詳細)。

昨秋段階のプレリリでは2010年までに1万台導入を目指している、という話だったが、はて? 関連記事はこちら

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日本が世界に誇る自販機。しかしまさかこんな何が出てくるか分かんない自販機(実際買った人の話まで流行ってるとはね。笑 続報が必要だわ。

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