August 11, 2006

スティーブ・ゲイツ:Steve Gates

In the latest essay, a Japanese sax player, Naruyoshi Kikuchi, was sharing a story about his first PC. Done with the set-up (his friend took care of it), he checked his e-mail. The first message from a geeky buddy said, "This machine will change your life."

It really did. He started to post tens of thousands of messages on the web, which eventually led him to become a writer. Overloaded by his prolific writing, one day, its moniter exploded and died.

When Japan faced the serious problem of NEET, he was interviewed to talk about the issue frequently. He repeated the same thing; "A personal computer stays in the ego of a man who pursued what he loved and became the world's richest billionaire. So, if you work non-stop on PC, his passion of making success just by doing what he loves gets transferred to you to take over your value system. (Sounds like "Ringu") That's why some youths complain they can't find a job they like.[...]There still are traditional routes out there, and if the government wants to do something about it, they should take away all PCs out of their hands and let them find alternative paths, or just make up a story that Gates didn't like his job at all."

This Gates sounds much more like Jobs... When he wrote "personal computer was originally developed by the military for intercontinental ballistic missile, and then a hippy geek turned it into a big media company and he became the world's richest man," he made up the hybrid of Steve Jobs (hippy), Steve Wozniak (geek) and Bill G($$$). Was probably running out of space;)

His new album "Cure Jazz" is a beautiful collaboration with UA. The photo below is Mr. Steven Gates, a musician from Northern California. How can we translate it in Japanese? Hmm, ... Konosuke Honda?

雑誌で菊池成孔氏が初めて買ったパソコンの話を書いていた(cataloger 9月号)。とても面白く読めたが、ひとつだけ気になったのがココ。↓
1958年生まれのICを最初に実用化したのはNASAアポロ計画(AGC)とLGM-30 Minuteman大陸間核弾道ミサイル、これは当たってるんだけど、このヒトは・・・誰?




きっと全部1つの文章で語ろうとしたら、我知らずこんなハイブリッドな文になったのね。新盤「Cure Jazz」はUAとのコラボ。写真は実在のスティーブン・ゲイツ氏(音楽家)だ。日本で言ったら本田幸之助さん?



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