August 19, 2006

シリコンバレーのトリビア⑬:Silicon Valley Trivia Quiz 13

Q:   This is the life-size cutout of HP's co-founders David Packard and William Hewlet. Created by a local artist Julie Newdoll as part of ZeroOne Art/Tech Festival, they were set out to travel on Aug 5 from a parking lot in San Jose. The duo has been hitchhiking across Bay Area with GPS mobile phone on their back (route and journal is here) , but there was one place where they couldn't get in. Where was it? After the Chronicle Blog's reporting, a company contacted Julie to purchase it for $6,000. Which company was that?

これはHP社共同創設者デイビッド・パッカード氏とウィリアム・ヒューレット氏の実物大レプリカ。地元のアーティスト、ジュリー・ニュードールさんが今週開催の「ZeroOne芸術祭」出展用に作った。現在地がトラックできるよう背中にGPS搭載のケータイを括り付けて8月5日サンノゼ市内の駐車場を出発! 通りかかった親切な人が車に積んで好きな場所で降ろす、この繰り返しでベイエリア一円を楽しくヒッチハイクしてきた(地図と旅日記はココ)。ところがこの2人。一ヶ所だけ門前払いを食らった場所がある。どこ? この予想外の冷遇をクロニクル紙がブログで伝えたところ、バレーのある企業がレプリカを$6,000で買い受けた。どの企業か分かるかな?

Ejoying the gorgeous view
from Lick Observatory.
(courtesy: Travelogue of HP)

On the fourth day of their journey, they were dropped in front of the UCSC's Lick Observatory. The director left a very warm message here; "We were delighted when Bill and Dave showed up here yesterday. This seemed like a totally appropriate place for them to visit, as one of their very first 1938 garage projects was building a piece of custom electronics for one of our Lick Observatory telescopes. Dave described this in his book 'The HP Way', pages 39-40. "



HP Headquarter Lobby

According to this morning's San Jose Mercury, it was sold to its rival, Sun Microsystems, and its chairman Scott McNealy was photographed with the duo.

A HP executive didn't like the idea of commercializing the co-founders' image. The artist's response is here. A half of the amount will be split among all volunteers who carried them, she wrote.

The Intel, in contrast, is ready to welcome its co-founder and IC co-inventor, Robert Noyce, who is currently missing. Other hikers and their current locations are here.




  • リー・ド・フォレスト博士(Lee de Forest):特許取得数180件余り。サンノゼの電子歴史博物館着。
  • ウィリアム・ショックレー博士(William Shockley):トランジスタの父。懐かしのショックレー・ラボ跡地(今は果物の露天)に無事帰還。
  • フレデリック・ターマン博士(Frederick Terman):シリコンバレーの父はシカゴ郊外でTGAトーナメント観戦後、消息を断った。

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