June 15, 2006

海からの招待状:Sand Font

Today is the last day of the school for my kids, and I found this card in my mailbox. It's great to see my name drawn in the sand. Does anybody know its font name? I like the cozy room of Hotel Pacific in that area, but humnnn....let me take a look at it;)

Have a great summer! なんぞ声掛け合って帰るとポストにこんなカードが... 海辺のホテルからの割引招待である。まるで待ち伏せしていたかのようなタイミング。笑



Anonymous said...

これはうまい。ステキだ! これこそセンスってやつですねえ。

satomi said...

あ…Commentのフィールドの下の”Choose an identity"でOtherを選ぶとName/WebPageのフィールドが出るんです。分りにくくってゴメンナサイ!



Anonymous said...

That's really funny and creative.
BTW, I do not know you are a mother already and I feel sorry to still call you a girl~~~
You wrote a lot of articles on this blog, why you have so much passion? Are you a professional writer or a desperate housewife?^_^

satomi said...

That's ok, Liang (right?). On the web, it's hard to figure out. I used to imagine my friend who translated this to be much younger than me and wrote in a buddy mode all the time in a discussion forum. He turned out to be older than me, and you can imagine how embarrassing it was! He's still on my buddy list, but I was just lucky:)

>writer or a desperate housewife?^_^
Both. Good thing about blogging is that you can reach any reader in any range. A subject leads the way, and I like it that way.

For me, the best medium is like the message drawn in sand. You write, someone reads, gets your notion, making it part of him/her, then, the message can be washed away or blown away. (Oh, wait...No, I should keep it to compile a book later...and yeah, you're right...it's time consuming! )

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xpotechi said...

これはオシャレだけど、Personalizationも度を越すとBlack jokeですからねえ。「ここ数日、アブラっ濃い食事続いてるみたいだから、和食を用意しましたYO」とか。紙一重ってやつですねー。

satomi said...



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