June 25, 2006

百度の反グーグル広告~不知道:Baidu knows that Google doesn't know what Google doesn't know in China

I read a Japanese article on IT-Pro that tells you how Baidu went public, rejecting Google's offering to buy-out, and how the two make sharp contrast in terms of their business models (baidu.com). Its founder and CEO, Robin Li, earned master degree and worked for Infoseek in the US.

Baidu sells better ranking in its search results to the highest bidder, which Google never does (when they do, the results show up in ad field), and earns a referral fee every time users click on the link. The search rank auction revenue and its commission bring Baidu 80% of their entire revenue, it says.

The piece reminded me of Baidu's promotional vid that's been making the WOM of rounds on Chinese blogosphere, though it's never been broadcast on TV. China Word of Mouth Blog: Baidu knows that Google doesn't know what Google doesn't know in China has more details and translation.

I didn't feel comfortable with this, maybe because I'm a foreigner who don't know what I don't know in the States :D

You may give it a bit of sympathy, though, when you look at it as a standplay to gain a favor from Chinese government.




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