May 3, 2006

[web]ネット大手のSEOマネージャ採用告知:MSN, eBay, Yahoo! Hiring SEO Managers

MSN, Yahoo!, and eBay are all hiring SEO managers in UK to achieve higher page ranks (Search Engine War). Google's policy is to stay away from malicious SEOs, but when most commercial webs and ad agencies are doing page rank optimization(=Google optimization) as a legitimate marketing activity, how Google can separate the normal results from ads (=SEOed sites)?

MSNYahoo!eBayが英拠点で「SEO担当マネージャ」を探している(募集告知は社名をクリックしてね。ソース:Search Engine War)。自社コンテンツのページランクを上げるのが主な業務だ。英国はブラックハットが多いのかな?


FYI, I checked top search results returned for a term "search."
1. My Excite | 2. Google | 3. MSN Search | 4. AltaVista | | 6. Search Engine Watch | 7. Lycos | 8. Search the Web | 9. HotBot | 10. Yahoo! People Search
1. Yahoo! | 2.Google | 3. AltaVista | 4. Dogpile | 5.HotBot | 6. Search Engine Watch | 7. Lycos | 8. WebCrawler | 9. AllTheWeb | 10. MetaCrawler
1. Google | 2. | 3. | 4. MSN Search | 5. AltaVista | 6. | 7.WebCrawler | 8. | 9. Technorati | 10. Google Groups

【おまけ2】MSN's job description for SEO Manager (bold font added by me)
Role Purpose
This role plays an important part in driving up external traffic into our new channels and Homepage. This will include achieving high page ranks of key MSN content areas (homepage, channels) on major search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask). To devise and implement a refined SEO strategy and tactics to achieve higher rankings. [...]

Key Success Criteria
· Achieve x% of traffic from Search engines within our top channels and homepage
· Achieve x% of pages cached/listed within Google and Yahoo
· Achieve first page ranking in Google/Yahoo for major channel entry points and other important MSN content areas
· Beat Yahoo! on listing results in Google on major events
· Demonstrate clear traffic improvement as a result of implementation of SEO techniques
· Ensure all new pages are SEO compliant




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