April 25, 2006

[sv]さらば、スコット・マクネリー:Scott McNealy Stepped Down

Sun Microsystems' Scott G. McNealy stepped down yesterday after 22 years of serving the company he co-founded 24 years ago. Replacing one of the longest-serving chief executives of a major technology company is 40-year-old Jonathan Schwartz (left), "possibly the only CEO of a major tech company to sport a pony tail." (MercuryNews |Two Bios)

(photo courtesy of Java Technology)

Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog:When I First Met Scott...(2006.04.25.)

BW | 11.19.2001 | Q&A with Scott McNealy

(photo courtesy of Microsoft; On 2004.04.02. two companies announced to enter into a collaboration arrangement, settling litigation.(写真は2004年4月2日マイクロソフト社との和解合意が成立した当時のもの.)

Q: You knew Microsoft President Steve Ballmer in college, right?

A: Yeah. We used to drink Strohs beer together. He was a beer-drinking-manager-of- the-football-team kind of guy, and I was a beer-drinking-captain- of-the-golf-team kind of guy.

Q: Do you regret any of the barbs you've hurled at Microsoft over the years?

A: I should make this off-the-record, but I do regret when I once said something regarding Gates about how "my kid is smarter than your kid."

Q: What about Balllmer and B*tthead? Was that a mistake?
A: Oh no, I don't regret that one! That was funny.

"After me, things get boring."
-- Former Sun CEO Scott McNealy
Quoted by GMSV
We'll miss him. シリコンバレーも寂しくなります。


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