March 21, 2006

ナショナルの回収CMにBGM:Recalling of National brand Heaters

In the fourth-quarter of last year, Matsushita's profits jumped 39% to $424 million, largely on the back of booming flat-panel TV sales. (AP)

While Matsushita's sales of plasma TV surged, the company was also busy recalling its National brand heaters. Its recalling CM has been on TV in Japan throughout the holiday season, chilling viewers watching Sazaesan (left) and Mito-Komon both sponsored by National (Matsushita is a parent company of National and Panasonic).

The announcement was so freaky that some folks put fun background music to it (mp3) and posted it to Japan's largest message board, 2-channel. They loved it, and tried to create their own, resulting in hundreds of different remix versions (800+ entries here) spread all over the web (Related Links = 3,292). Here are some samplings; A(in 5 Speed), B(Rider), C(Laputa), D(Italian).

In short, average TV viewers cannot stand with a seriousness of a recall announcement. Here's a translated version of the recalling CM;
Matsushita Electrics Industrial Co. is currently recalling its National brand heaters manufactured between 1985 and 1992, as there have been cases of poisoning from carbon monoxide emission due to defects of heater parts. In some serious cases, it had even caused death. The Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry has ordered the firm to recall the product in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Law. Hence, if you own any of the following models, please stop using it nowand immediately contact Matsushita Electrics or the electrical appliances store in which you bought the heater from. Matsushita Electrics will either collect, buy back, inspect or repair your heater.(Miyazaki Int'l Ctr)





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