March 31, 2006

アップル30周年:Apple's Turning 30

This is the intro video for Apple's 30 year anniversary media event tomorrow, though no such an event is planned.

The original Apple computer (right) was released in 1976 for the price of $666.66. (CBS News) Go Wired to see all the Apple GUI, Apple Products, and Apple Heroes and Villains. You can view Steve Jobs on Magazine Covers on Kuo Design.

If no surprise is planned, some threaten to jump from the building. (left: Joy of Tech), in the meanwhile, made up the mocking iPhone (below), and others guessed how a touch screen iPod would look like.

For "Making of 20th Anniversary Mac," visit


初代アップル・コンピュータ(右: CBS News)が$666.66で売り出されたのは1976年のこと。ワイヤードの総特集で歴代OS全商品歴代ヒーロー&悪党がご覧いただける。

明日サプライズがなかったら「ビルから飛び降りてやる!」という4コマ漫画まで登場。→Joy of Tech





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