February 26, 2006

海外フォトブログに遊ぶ:Viewing Photoblogs.org

When I get tired of reading texts, I view photoblogs, listening to some music. The other day, I visited chromasia, the most popular site on photoblogs.org's top ranking. It's updated by David J. Nightingale, a father of five children who works at the University of Bolton. He says;
'It all started in July 2003 when I began to use some of my photographs to accompany the entries in a static weblog; a little later I set up a separate photoblog using Movable Type, which, on February 5th 2004, became chromasia. Since then I’ve had a number of commissions, licensed images to companies in Brazil, Holland, Romania, the UK and the US, have photographed a handful of weddings with John Washington, and have sold quite a number of prints.'(about)
Viewing his archive photos is such an eye-opening experience (Tiny little arrow at the left corner navigates you to other photos. Click on 'Thumbs' to see its entire portofolio). Was selected by TIME as 50 Coolest Websites 2005.

From his favorite list, I jumped to the frosted landscape in Norway (86.net). Wow! Can you believe it's done by 19-yr-old highschool student?









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