February 6, 2006

スーパーボウル2006ベスト広告はコレだ!:FedEx Ruled Super Bowl 2006!

FedEx rocks!

ミック・ジャガーは化けモノだ。還暦過ぎてなんじゃい、あの細っこい体は!声は!エネルギーは!!! さすがボノの次にチケットの高い男。すご過ぎる。というのがハーフタイムの(随分おざなりな)感想。



FedEx: Stick
by FedEx(49 sec/02.05.2006)

【解 説】The spot opens with a caveman dressed in animal skins tying a stick to a Pterodactyl's leg. As the Pterodactyl takes off into flight it is attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex and the stick falls to the ground. The caveman, saddened by the event, enters his boss's cave to tell him the bad news. The boss responds by firing him for not using FedEx. The caveman pleads with the boss explaining, that "FedEx doesn't exist yet," but the boss does not seem to care. Frustrated, the caveman storms out of the cave and kicks a baby dinosaur that is crossing his path. As if his day is not bad enough, the spot ends with him being stepped on by a huge Brontosaurus foot. The moral of the story is then disclosed in the end frame, "Next time, use FedEx." This commercial aired during the 2006 Super Bowl.

(訳)獣の皮を着た洞窟暮らしの原始人登場。翼手竜に一本の棒を括りつけている。翼手竜は飛ぶなりティラノザウルスXに襲われ大事な棒が地面にぽろん。落ち込む原始人。洞窟に戻って上司に不始末の報告をすると、怒った上司はなんでFedExを使わなかったのだと彼をなじってクビにする。「だってFedExはまだ存在しないじゃないか!」と上司に許しを請う原始人。上司は完全無視だ。頭に来た原始人は洞穴を飛び出し、目の前を横切った恐竜のベイビーを蹴っ飛ばす。と突然、頭上から巨大なブロントザウルスに踏み潰され CMは幕。エンディングのナレーションはこうだ。「Next time, use FedEx.(次回はFedExを使え)」。

Super Bowl XL Commercials on Google Video


KM said...

ha ha ha
really funny

satomi said...

merci,km:) I thought I left a message to your comment, but it wasn't there! I'd love to introduce your photo from Nikko trip. They're so beautiful, and different.

mamagon said...


satomi said...

mamagon, welcome! Let me introduce mamagon blogging about the life in Los Altos and its schools. She was with ad agent for her entire career, and here she's saying she didn't buy the idea of HUMMER ad at Super Bowl XL. The link below is the blog that summed up viewers' reaction quite well.

皆さん、ロスアルトスの座長mamagonです、学校のことなどブログってらっしゃいます。そうそう…隣のオッサン HUMMER売りに出しちゃうんじゃないかって心配。何が言いたいのか、そっからして分かんないんだよね。トヨタはきれいだった。下記はライブで所感まとめたブログです、FYI。


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