December 5, 2005

アメリカからJポップを買う:Getting J-Pop from the US

Since the launch of iTMS Japan, I'm fully enjoying downloading Japanese songs for 150 or 200 yen each, sitting right here in the States. Here's how.
WARNING:You can NOT make a penny out of this. For importing and resaling, you first need to get a license.

(1) Get an iTMS Pre-paid Card issued in Japan
Available at Apple Stores in Japan, major electronics stores and 7-Eleven stores nationwide. No plan to visit Japan? Then, you can buy it online at using your credit card. (No sales tax, FREE domestic shipping within 24 hrs) During the checkout, be sure to enter Japanese shipping and billing address. (This is NOT meant to be an exporting item. If you enter foreign address, they reject your order immediately, deleting the entry from your shopping cart. ) Find a friend you can trust and ask him/her to scratch the back of your card as s/he receives it from Amazon and e-mail you the pin code to save time and postage. The card is so light that it won't cost more than 1 or 2 bucks for an air mail, if you prefer it.

(2) With the pin code in your hand, create your Japanese account to redeem the card. The followings are the step-by-step instructions I translated from this web.
1. Get the card.
2. Scratch the back and get the 16 digit pin number.
3. Access iTunes Music Store Japan and click on 'iTunes Music Card' on the left navigation bar.
4. Enter the pin code and click on 'コードを使用する(Use this code)'
5. Account set-up window pops up. Click on 'アカウント作成(Set up my account)'.
6. Read through the Term and Condition and click on '同意します(I agree)'
7. (from above) e-mail address/ Password/ Re-enter Password/
Verification Question/ Answer to the verification question/ Date of Birth (month/ date)/
Check or uncheck free newsletter subscription (above) and updates from Apple (below)
---->then, click on '続ける(Continue).'

8. (from above) Family name/ First name/ Family name (in katakana)/ First name (in katakana)/ zip code Prefecture/ City/ Street address/ phone number ---->then, click on '終了(Finish).' From the next time, you can log in with your e-mail address and password only.

9. The redeemed amount shown in this field. That's all it takes. Good luck!

一時帰国で忘れちゃいけないお買い物、それがiTMSプリペイドカードだ。10月24日には全国のセブンイレブンで も買えるようになった。セレクションが少ないのが玉にキズだが、米国で買える日本のCDに比べたら品揃えは断然いい。何より日 本の人たちのコメントやセレクション(iMix)、トップダウンロードなんかを手がかりに視聴しながら選べるからアートワークに騙されたりの ハズレがな い。

筆者の周りでは今年下半期の「日本からのお土産人気NO.1」なのだが、不幸にしてお土産にありつくアテのない方、帰省 で きない方はでオンライン購入も可能だ(非課税、国内送料無料、24時間以内発送)。 海外発送は×なので送り先と請求先は日本国内の住所を入力。Amazonからカードが届いたら受取人に裏面にある16桁のコードを十円玉で剥 がしてメールしてもらう。これでカードは御用済み。コードを見られたくないならエアメールにしても軽いから基本料金で充分だろう。


日本からUS楽曲を買う:Getting US Songs from Japan

Not like a J-Pop, US Top Hits are available at iTMS Japan. The only difference is the price; it's 150 yen instead of 99cents. Now 120 Yen = $1. That means by using the prepaid card issued in the US and downloading from iTMS(US), they can only save 32yen per song. Taking into account the stress of browsing through English contents, it's not much. Some do care about this 32 yen, however, and for them, it'd be a great gift if you buy prepaid card at the local shop and e-mail its PIN code to Japan, in exchange for the PIN code issued in Japan.
1ドル120円の 今日び。プリカ+現地iTMS利用で生まれる差益は1曲たったの32円。英語で買うストレスを思えばiTMS Japan開設以前の旨みはない。このわずかな差益に拘る人はアメリカ旅行する友人や在住者に土産をねだるのが王道だ(住所調達もね)。米国内ならその辺 のスーパーのレジでも普通に買えるのでPINをスクラッチしてメールするのは全く負担にならない。お返しに日本のプリカを買ってPINをメールしてあげて も喜ばれるだろう。米アップルの取扱い商品は以下の通り。

*「the zip code must be a 5 digit number」=「郵便番号は5桁の番号を入力ください」の意

iTMS Prepaid Cards (US)
(US domestic shipping FREE, $15, $25, $50 or decide any amount bet'n $10-$200 and have it emailed to anyone within minutes.)アップルのプリカ通販サイトは米国内発送無料。$15,$25,$50のカードの他に、$10-200から好きな金額を支払うと受取人のメールアドレスに数分以内にコード番号をメールする速攻ギフトのプランも。決済には米国内発行のクレジットカードが必要。


There's no volume discount, and it gets expired if you don't activate within six months (and if you don't use over two years). You'd better buy small. まとめ買いしても安くならない不思議プリカ。購入後半年、未使用期間2年で無効になるので大量購入向きじゃない。小さく買うのがベスト。


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