December 16, 2005

寿司ドキュメンタリー:Documentary On Japanese Sushi

Having trouble with Sushi manners? Well then, click the title above or here to see what Japanese has to say about it. It's THE complete guide to Sushi Bars whose GoogleVideo URL was forwarded by another Satomi in Hungary (Thanks!)

According to gen kanai weblog, it seems like the guy copied it from the original DVD titled "Teevee Graphics, Video Victim 2" to add English subtitle (which is neatly done and that's where the value is! ). BloggerVideo might stop hosting it, if the production found it out and claimed its copyright. So, hurry! Click, Click!

UPDATES: I posted the chronology of event here.

表題作品はハンガリーの友人(同じSatomi)が送ってくれた鮨完全マニュアル(日本語ナレーション&英語字幕つき。既出紹介ブログ→日本語=もなちゅう雑記&英語=gen kanai weblog)。 寿司バーに不慣れな外国人もこれさえ見とけばもうバッチリ。なわけないでしょう。ささ、皆さんもひとつ。このタメになる動画を外国人のお友達にお教えし て日本が世界に誇る寿司の国際理解推進と海外普及に貢献しましょう。

【注】gen kanai weblogのコメントによると本作品はDVD"Teevee Graphics, Video Victim 2"からの抜粋クリップに字幕をつけたもの。字幕のセンスにこそ価値があるんだけれどもプロダクションが問題にしたらネット配信は停止?さささ、今のうちに!(何を一生懸命になってるんだ、ワタシは)

UPDATES: 「寿司」のまとめをこちらにアップしました。

'Documentary On Japanese Sushi':Choi Style Productions
(8min 10sec/主演: ラーメンズ/11.15.2005)

Dear Rudd-Crunch;
Thank you for your referral.
(If you prefer staying anonymous, let me know.)

【おまけ】If you like the film, you'll probably like this book. I found it at the Tech Museum. これが好きな方は下記もオススメ。テック・ミュージアム地階で職員が読んで笑い転げてた本。こういうの平気で置いちゃうところが好きなんだよね。


Rudd Crunch said...

Thanks for appreciating the subbing effort! ;) Hopefully the producers will realise this stuff has worldwide appeal and make more.

satomi said...

Hi, Rudd-Crunch, thanks for dropping by. Everybody is wondering who you are.

Clueless, some googlers end up here. You should redirect all this traffic to your own blog!!

Rudd-Crunch said...

Yeah, I was a little surprised at how much attention the video received (before Google took it down). As I mentioned in the referral link, I found the video on a TeeVee Graphics DVD called Video Victim 2, and thought it was way too funny to be limited to a Japanese speaking audience so spent a couple of hours one evening translating and working out subtitles so friends could enjoy it too, and the next thing I know my inbox is full of mail from random people sending me links to the very same video on Google. While observing the extent of the phenomena, I ended up here because you mentioned the subtitles... ;)

As for me, I'm just your average monja-chomping Kantorian from Blighty, that clearly has an abundance of time on his hands!

Y-Maeda said...

Hello nice to meet you.
KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
Please link to this site !

Aldo said...

Hi Rudd-Crunch,

I would like to use the video to teach my students some Japanese. Do you have by chance the Japanese subtitles_
And could you suggest some similar videos.


my email is aldo dotto menguzzi atto gmail dotto com

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